AI: Legal Operations Management

AI : Use cases in Legal Operations Management


  •  Allowing firm lawyers to monitor the progress of matters, resource commitments, and budget status in real time on a matter basis
  •  Providing lawyers with ready access to the firm’s prior work product through knowledge management system
  • Using predictive coding based on a “seed sample” of documents provided by firm lawyers
  • Allowing clients to perform tasks directly that previously required active participation by firm lawyers
  •  By extracting content from legal documents and populating due diligence summary templates, and bringing the attorneys directly to the most relevant portions of the contracts being reviewed.
  • Automates the lease abstraction process to provide key data to commercial real estate firms, landlords, tenants, and lenders, by reducing the time and cost involved in manual data abstraction.
  •  Exporting  abstracts to Excel, Word, Yardi, Argus, or your proprietary lease management system.
  • Extracts critical information from contracts based on user specifications like term, renewal, pricing, assignment, etc.,
  • Selection of co counsel based on their case types, wins and losses with judges.