Fly Dubai Hackathon

Architect Corner update : Bhagvan Kommadi Judge at Fly Dubai hackathon


check out photos:


In a hackathon, teams will participate and code for a theme. The api is provided and technology stack is chosen by the team. Judging criteria will be as below:

  • Simplicity:  The demo needs to solve a real life problem specific to the theme. The idea is to reduce coding unwanted things and loose focus through the hackathon.
  • Design: The design (UI and backend) needs to be attractive and specific to the problem. Most of the time developers are pushed to focus on tech aspect and use open source libraries to build a good looking UI.
  • Technology: Technology is the enabler for change. Functionality is also an important factor
  • Originality/Novelty : The idea needs to be originial and novel.
  • Complexity: The problem needs to be complex and difficult to tackle. The solution needs to address the key aspects of the problem
  • WoW factor: Is there any thing awesome in your demo to please the business and technology users.
  • Non Functional Architectural aspects: Security, Availability, Scalability and FailOver needs to be considered while choosing the stack and deployment architecture

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