Teach For Change Initiative

Architect Corner update: Teach for change


Teach  For Change 

The vision is to build a network of volunteers to transform our Government schools and provide high quality education for all, regardless of their family’s income.The objective of the initiative is to improve the overall literacy standards at Government schools. As part of the initiative, TFC’s dedicated volunteers teach Leadership Skills and the English Language, at primary and high school levels in Government schools.

  • To conduct the processes of education and teaching in accordance with social, cultural, moral and ethical expectations of families and society.
  • To undertake and conduct the learning process of students using procedures such as planning, teaching, monitoring, developing syllabi, innovating in order to achieve the results established by the education system.
  • Take part in the development of the School’s Institutional Project through discussions, decision making, working with other teachers to encourage their view of teaching and learning as a single process.

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