Diabetes awareness program 

Message from Dr.MM Pant : We plan to start the 3rd cohort of a diabetic awareness program led by Dr Ajay Agarwal from Monday 16th November 2015. This will be delivered primarily through Whatsapp conversations and if needed, additional support from blogs and e-mails. This is an experiment in an expert driven social learning of a model of pedagogy named heutagogy- learning for the self directed learner. Welcome to this experiment and we look forward to your active participation.

If you think people close to you would benefit from being members of this group, please ask them to send me a message and I can add them to this group. 

We hope to be closing this group by Saturday noon. So if you have any friends you want to join, please ask them to send me a Whatsapp message. My mobile number is : 9810073724

Once the program begins on Monday, please follow the series of Whatsapp messages in this group.t 


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